Hesperia Weed Control


Weed Identification

While it’s not necessary to identify every single weed on your property, weeds typically fall into two main categories: broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds. As a part of any weed control program it is important to identify weeds, as not all herbicides are effective in eliminating certain types of weeds. Some herbicides prevent all new plants (including grass seeds) from growing, while others target only weeds. Improper use of herbicides in Hesperia and the surrounding areas can harm your desired plants/trees so a careful consideration of the herbicide being applied is crucial. Consult with a professional before you apply herbicide weed control.


Post-Emergent Weed Control

Post-emergent herbicides are some of the most popular substances for weed control in Hesperia. While pre-emergent herbicides work to prevent weeds from ever growing, post-emergent herbicides work on weeds that have already grown. They utilize a mixture of chemicals to kill the weed and ensure that it does not grow back. There are multiple types of post-emergent herbicides available to help eradicate different kinds of weeds in various weed control programs.


Pre-Emergent Weed Control

This type of herbicide kills weeds before they sprout. While they won’t prevent germination, they do keep the pests from breaking through the soil. Early spring is the perfect time to monitor your property for weeds. A pre-emergent herbicide can be applied at this time to prevent weeds from growing. A professional weed control company will take into consideration the timing, the method of application and the other plants/obstacles in or around your property to select the most effective herbicide for Hesperia. The weather and moisture levels at this time are also a key factor as to when you need to apply a Pre-Emergent herbicide mix.


Boom Spray Weed Control Application

For large open areas in Hesperia such as highways, roads, right of ways, open fields, airports, etc. It is necessary to apply herbicide in large volume and would require a calibrated spray rig with the necessary spray nozzles to conform to the full coverage needed for the desired area. QSI has the capabilities to perform any type of boom spray application for almost all situations. These rigs are designed to perform at the highest rate of accuracy so that the level of control is the same in all areas sprayed.


Railroad Spray Weed Control Application

QSI has multiple spray rigs that are equipped with high rail gear to be able to apply herbicide to railroad tracks and right of ways throughout Hesperia. Weed control is important in this type of high risk area to keep clear of weeds due to the safety and fire risks involved. Trains are notorious for creating sparks which can and will start a fire if there is dry brush near the tracks but a good weed control program is essential in keeping the weeds under control and away from the desired area.


Hand Spray Weed Control Application

When it is not possible to perform a boom spray application to achieve good weed control, you must have the ability to spray an area by hand with the use of a pump, electric, or gas powered sprayer. QSI has all equipment necessary for any hand spray applications for on or around sensitive equipment or in a large area where a boom rig cannot be used. We have licensed applicators in Hesperia that know the proper technique for all hand spray applications and scenarios.